Born in Kashiwazaki-city, Niigata Japan, Daisuke Kawai moved to Tokyo after his high school graduation and started his first job in a café as a waiter. Soon after, he was offered a position at restaurant Eureka located in Imperial Hotel, Tokyo which is known for its high standards and emphasis on tradition.


In search for more knowledge abroad, Kawai moved to Sydney, Australia in 1999 and worked for a restaurant to gain more experience. After a year, he moved back to Tokyo but continued to travel and expose himself to different cultures, foods, and restaurant businesses across 42 different countries across the world.


In 2010, he moved to Singapore and worked for three-star Michelin restaurant Les Amis as Chef Sommelier and later at Lewin Terrace as the General Manager and Chief Sommelier where he honed his skills in the wine trade. By 2015, he was able to set up his own establishment, La Terre. Though many would assume that his career originated from the wine industry, it was through his time in the restaurant and service industry where he built the strong foundation for his career.


Currently, he is also an honoured guest judge for sommelier competitions and wine exhibitions in Singapore and around Asia. He also continues to participate in sommelier competitions and strives to be the best in the world one day.



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